cooked whole duck We produce duck in the traditional way, focussing on rearing the birds naturally. At a few days old, the ducks are kept in a warm barn, but are allowed to wander outside once they are used to cooler temperatures. The ducks are fed on a wholesome, natural, cereal based, additive-free diet which includes our own, home-produced wheat.

The birds are processed on our farm using time honoured methods. They are dry plucked and hung before being dressed which all helps with the quality and flavour.

We sell a range of duck products: whole oven ready ducks; duck breast fillets; duck legs; boned and rolled duck joints. Also available are: smoked duck breast, duck liver pate and duck fat.

The stuffed, rolled, boneless duck joints are hand prepared to be ready for roasting and are easy to carve with very little waste. We use a delicious stuffing made from Free-range pork shoulder, apricots and almonds; with seasonal variations available at Christmas. Special stuffings can be made to order to cater for personal taste and allergy requirements.

All our fresh products are suitable for home freezing and will store well at -18°c for up to 3 months.


Christmas Orders

We are now taking orders online for Christmas.

Christmas home deliveries will be despatched on Thursday 20th December to arrive on Friday 21st December 2018.



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